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Summit Chiropractic
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St Louis, MO 63131
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Upper Cervical Chiropractor in St Louis

Petersmith Family Chiropractic is an Upper Cervical Center and is the first membership chiropractic office in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.  Petersmith Family Chiropractic is not your average chiropractic office you visit when you have neck pain, back pain or a headache. When you come to Petersmith Family Chiropractic, each adjustment is TAILOR-MADE and SPECIFIC to how your spine is SUBLUXATED.  Each visit you are scanned to see if you need an adjustment that day or if your body is still holding the previous adjustment. At Petersmith Family Chiropractic we focus on the brain / brain-stem / spinal cord junction.  This area is vital to your overall well-being because the nerves to EVERY organ, muscle, and tissue come from the spinal cord at its appropriate level and continue up the spinal cord into the upper cervical spine at the base of the skull.  When the Atlas Vertebra (the top bone in the neck) is misaligned, it will put pressure on the nerve which will break down communication with the end organ, muscle or tissue cell. Come visit our state of the art upper cervical chiropractic clinic in Saint Louis, Missouri and let us help make a difference in your life by allowing your body to heal itself by removing the interference that is causing the body to break down from years of dysfunction in the Nerve System.

Summit Upper Cervical Chiropractic Center
11693 Manchester Road Des PeresMO63131 USA 
 • 314-394-2101
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