August 2012 Special of the Month -

August 2012 Special of the Month

Saying Thank You for Your Rerrals!Dr. Josh wants to help as many people in St Louis as possible.. In order to do this he needs YOUR HELP!  This month Dr. Josh is willing to REDUCE your month membership by 10% for each person that you refer to Summit Upper Cervical Center. 10% might not sound like a lot but if you help get 5 people signed up for a membership plan you just got HALF OFF your membership bill for the next month!  If you are on the family plan YOU JUST SAVED big bucks! Here is how it works… Print & FILL OUT YOUR PART to the Summit Upper Cervical Center New Patient Referral Form Fill it out and give it to your friends & family before they come to see Dr. Josh for their first visit… Don’t rely on them to do it for you, they will forget… Once they sign up for membership care Dr. Josh will let you know how much you will now qualify for the discount off your membership plan for the month.

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One comment on “August 2012 Special of the Month
  1. Billie Utz says:

    It was great meeting you on Tuesday. I am so grateful for the education on my body and I’m fascinated with the simple reality that our Lord GOD did indeed create us to heal our bodies with innate enlightenment what a revelation! I am looking forward to making an appointment with you to get my body healthy again. I’m hoping to start my visits the second week of September.

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