Replacing 2.5 Million Cells Isn't Easy Work... Is It? -

Replacing 2.5 Million Cells Isn’t Easy Work… Is It?

Dr. Joshua Petersmith - St Louis ChiropractorWhat most people fail to remember when they become sick is that God made us all with an INNATE, or inborn, Intelligence to be healthy.  This is the same power that allows our bodies to repair themselves after cutting our finger, breaking an arm, or replace 2.5 million cells every minute.  We draw on this ability every second of every day for things we don’t even think about like our lungs breathing, our heart beating, our stomach making enough acid to digest the food we ate for lunch and many other daily activities.  So why are we so quick to do things opposite of this when we truly get sick?

We have been programmed by our culture that if something is wrong we need to take a pill (natural or artificial) to get us back to homeostasis (or balance.)   We have the best pharmacies right inside of us and our bodies make more drugs at the drop of a hat b/c the brain is able to recognize a deficiency or surplus in a certain area of the body.   Did you know that man does not have any clue as to the exact number of hormones the body can produce in any given moment?  Many people take their health for granted and do not begin to pay attention to it until it’s too late.  Health is NOT a spectator sport and if you are pro-active about taking care of your health then you are giving your body the best opportunity to stay healthy for the long term!  Upper Cervical Chiropractic care has been proven to boost immune functions by increasing the efficiency of the brain/body connection.  If you know anyone who is struggling with their health, please send them to or invite them to our “Supper at the SUMMIT” on September 25th at 7p at our office.  We are the area’s first & only Chiropractic Membership office where one monthly fee covers every visit.   

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