Fall = Football? -

Fall = Football?

For all of you football fanatics out there, this time of year is unlike any other.  Fall is rolling in and crisp weather makes weekends spent watching football at the high school, college or professional levels a national past-time.  However, along with football comes injury.  Some are more severe than others and some “injuries” do not show up for decades after someone has stopped playing.  Every collision, tackle, block, etc. where the spine and spinal cord are jarred can be life altering due to the force put on the nerve fibers that make up your Nerve System.  Many people wait until they feel something.  Oftentimes, that’s too late.

Over the weekend, a young man from Tulane broke a vertebra in his cervical spine and is looking at the possibility of life-long paralysis because of the hit he received while trying to make a tackle.  There are THOUSANDS of these same collisions that go unnoticed every single game.  It’s tragic what happened to this young man but what about all the other collisions during the game that no one thinks twice about?  Just because a hit doesn’t break your neck or create pain right then and there does not mean it is not as severe.  Imagine what that collision is doing to your spinal cord every time you crash into someone running full speed.  There are TRILLIONS of nerve fibers in the spinal cord and sooner or later they will begin to break down.  It’s only a matter of time.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for a person to regenerate the nerves after being damaged time and time again through the collisions of football.  On the other hand, if you can take care of your brain / brainstem / spinal cord from the get-go, you will greatly decrease your chances of an old football collision affecting your life decades down the road when the only thing on your mind is getting to retirement and playing with your grandkids every day.  You only get one spine, please take care of it and there is no better way to do that than through Upper Cervical Chiropractic at Summit Upper Cervical Center.

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