Does Your Baby Suffer From Colic or Digestive Issues? -

Does Your Baby Suffer From Colic or Digestive Issues?

Did you know that parents report 60% of infants suffer from Colic and digestive issues? That is a lot of crying and unhappy babies. Many of these parents feel hopeless to find relief for their infant with digestive issues… Finally there is hope.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care can greatly reduce digestive issues in babies by removing the interference that happens early on during the delivery. Just in the last few weeks we have seen several babies here at Summit Upper Cervical Center. Parents of these infants told us that they saw a great change in their baby just hours later.  These same parents said that their baby slept better, was more alert when awake, ate slower and burped easier… They all said best of all the gassy belly crying nearly stopped and reduced the number of times the infants spit up.

If your baby is suffering from projectile vomiting, hard stools, spitting up, gassy bellies or just plain fussy, help is here.  Call or send us a message today to schedule your free, no pressure consult with Dr. Josh…

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One comment on “Does Your Baby Suffer From Colic or Digestive Issues?
  1. Steven Paul says:

    Naomi is our daughter and she had terrible colic as an infant… She wouldn’t sleep, couldn’t keep anything down and was incredibly fussy all the time.. Just merely a few hours after getting her adjusted she was a completely different kid… Unbelievable! Thank you Dr. Josh!

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