Quality Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Your Whole Family

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Quality Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care
for Your Whole Family

At Petersmith Family Chiropractic, it is our goal to provide quality care at an affordable price.  After all, what good is Chiropractic if no one can afford it??  Upon completion of the initial portion of care and the spine is stabilizing, we always want to maintain the progress that has been made.  As a result, we have great a great way to make the “Wellness or Maintenance Care” portion of your care very easy and affordable.  Most people still need to be seen 1x/week or 1x/2 weeks.

If you are looking to become a new patient here at our office and are currently under regular Chiropractic Care (preferably Upper Cervical) at another office, you will automatically qualify for this program.   We often get patients who move to St. Louis and would like to continue getting adjusted or sometimes they have see other Chiropractors in the area and can no longer make it to that office for some reason.  You DO NOT have to go through the who “New Patient Process” again.



We don’t offer this too often but we do have some families who just cannot make it that frequently for various reasons.  To accommodate those families, we do have a pay per visit fee.  This fee is a little bit more expensive than the “Maintenance or Wellness Plan” described above, but is designed to make sure that families can still receive quality care at an affordable price.  

**Remember, this is only offered to those who have completed the initial phases of care but cannot make the recommended visits by their doctor.  

Pay As You Go Wellness (Single Visit) –  Call for Details

Petersmith Family Chiropractic DOES NOT ACCEPT Medicare or Medicaid or is a provider or participate in any insurance programs. Which means NO Work Comp or Personal Injury, our services are provided strictly on a membership basis which provides you with access to our office for checks and adjustments.


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