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Our goal at Petersmith Family Chiropractic isn’t only to provide top notch upper cervical chiropractic care but also to help you restore your life overall. Here is what our patients say about us here at Petersmith Family Chiropractic.

August Patient of the Month Testimonial

Dawn - St Louis Chiropractic Patient Testimonial

Q: Why do you drive by dozens of chiropractors to come to Petersmith Family Chiropractic?
A: :Because I Love Dr. Josh’s demeanor, his honest approach and his faith.”

Q: How will chiropractics improve your life 20 years from now?
A: “Because of the way Dr. Josh cares for our bodies overall, I expect to be alive in 20 yrs.

Q: What would you tell someone considering upper cervical chiropractic care?
A: “It has been the best health decision that I have ever made, even though it was born of necessity!”

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I started seeing Dr. Josh about a year ago. My headaches were occurring more frequently and lasting longer. I also began what I call "gakking". It manifests as a deep cough that turns into a dry heave type episode. I was truly afraid of losing my job, as this would happen daily with no intervention. It exacerbated my headaches and caused migraines. I also experienced neck, rib and abdominal pain from these incidents. This interfered tremendously with my work. The suffering was immense. I would say my "gakking" episodes have all but been eliminated under Dr. Josh's care. The headache frequency has reduced by at least 80%. If you have issues, call Dr. Josh. Kind, compassionate and caring, Dr. Josh saved me from losing my job. Thank you, Dr. J.

Saved My Job

I started having migraines and severe headaches quite some time ago. Nothing really helped. I would take multiple tylenol,aspirin, etc. daily, to no avail. Then I began "gakking" this is my term for basically uncontrollable dry heaves. It was so bad that it was interfering with my work in such a way that I could have lost my job. Dr. Josh and his treatment have been a God send. The headaches have diminished 85%. The "gakking" issue is virtually gone, as well. This is my brief story and I would encourage anyone having these or similar issues to go to Dr. Josh. He has improved my quality of life and saved me from losing my job. Thank you, Dr. Josh!

by Tanessa Blankenship on Petersmith Family Chiropractic
Chiropractic Kids!

My daughter Olivia has been so alert, active, playful, and talking up a storm since Sunday morning. I correlate that directly to the chiropractic adjustment that uncle Joshua Petersmith gave her Saturday night. Prior to that, she'd had a terrible day Friday and Saturday with a fever, upset tummy, crankiness, and sleeping more than normal. Having her in alignment was like a light switch being turned on in my baby. And I'm totally loving it!

Dr. Josh

Dr. Josh has been helping me with my neck problems for the last few months. I suffer from severe migraines. I see him twice a week and each time I go in he makes me feel so much better. I tend to be on the computer alot because of work, or I am running around in and out of my car all day long with clients. It takes a toll on my back and neck. However, after seeing Dr. Josh I feel so much better, and being able to rest after an adjustment is just amazing. I can actually feel my body healing during that time! I will continue my journey to a completely pain free life with Dr. Josh's help.

Very caring approach

I went to see Dr. Josh after suffering a severe bout of vertigo that left me feeling out of balance (literally) for the next three days. After one adjustment, I woke up the next morning feeling immeasurably better. I used to struggle with frequent bouts of vertigo but had been without incident for over 12 years. After this episode, all the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that I had experienced years ago came rushing back. Was this going to become an ongoing issue again? Would it prevent me from being able to do my job? Would I be able to play with my kids? What I appreciated most about my first visit with Josh was how caring and reassuring he was when I was at my lowest. I continued to see him for the next few months and am happy to report that my vertigo was a one time isolated incident and I've put it in the rear-view mirror. I can't thank Josh enough for how much he helped me and I would recommend that anyone looking to improve their health and wellness go see him.

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