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Petersmith Family Chiropractic believes that inside every person is the God-given ability to be healthy. When that INNATE ability Dr. Joshua Petersmith - St Louis Chiropractorhas become damaged by pressure on the nerve system, our bodies can no longer adapt to the stressors of daily life. As a result, organs, nerves, muscles and tissue cells begin to develop into dis-ease because the Nerve System controls EVERY function in the body. Petersmith Family Chiropractic focuses on returning the body to 100% LIFE by removing the interference that is causing the Nerve System to malfunction. We do so through a SPECIFIC, TAILOR-MADE Chiropractic adjustment that realigns the vertebra, takes pressure off the Nerve System and allows the body to regenerate itself 100% healthy. It is our MISSION to positively affect every person in the St. Louis region by helping to RESTORE LIFE to the body.

Petersmith Family Chiropractic, in West St. Louis County, provides specific, tailor-made adjustments to the spine that are very gentle.  Many people cannot believe how life-changing and gentle a simple adjustment to atlas vertebra can be.  Dr. Petersmith and his staff bring a soft & gentle approach to allowing your body to heal itself by focusing on the INNATE ability to be healthy.

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